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Software update defeats class certification

Waller v. Hewlett–Packard Co., No. 11 cv0454, 2013 WL 5551642 (S.D. Cal. Sept. 29, 2013) So I’m trying to cut down on California coverage and just give the highlights.  That said, I recommend this case for some of the most … Continue reading

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Willful false advertising insufficient to justify fee award

Eastman Chemical Co. v. Plastipure, Inc., No. A–12–CA–057, 2013 WL 5555373 (W.D. Tex. Oct. 4, 2013) Previous discussion here.  Based on its successful Lanham Act false advertising trial result, Eastman sought attorneys’ fees and costs (the latter of which it … Continue reading

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Failure to allege agency relationship leads to fee award

Anastasia Int’l, Inc. v. EM Online Pty Ltd., No. 13 Civ. 2919, 2013 WL 5550211 (S.D.N.Y. Oct. 4, 2013) Anastasia sued various defendants for trademark infringement and false advertising, along with related state torts.  Anastasia runs, an “international dating … Continue reading

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Trademarks as celebrities?

Briefly noted, this advice from Fredrikson & Byron PA: “It can be a good thing to think of your trademarks as celebrities and of yourself as their agent, publicist, bodyguard and fan.”  I couldn’t disagree more (though I’m intrigued by … Continue reading

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The milk of human lawsuits

Gitson v.Trader Joe’s Company, No. 13–cv–01333, 2013 WL 5513711 (N.D. Cal. Oct. 4, 2013)   Plaintiffs sued over “evaporated cane juice” and got basically the result in Wallaby, previously summarized.  They also alleged that certain soy milk products were labeled … Continue reading

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sugar by any other name unlawful, but not misleading

Morgan v. Wallaby Yogurt Company, Inc., No. 13–cv–00296, 2013 WL 5514563 (N.D. Cal. Oct. 4, 2013) Another “evaporated cane juice” claim, here for yogurt that used that term in its ingredients list instead of “sugar” or “dried cane syrup.”  The … Continue reading

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Samsung made a vid (sort of) as an ad

The wrist-phone has been long promised, as this Samsung ad indicates.  Vidding is the act or process of creating a fan-oriented video or “fanvid” using live-action TV or movie footage set to music (or other audio).  The Samsung ad even … Continue reading

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"unlimited" service that was actually limited could deceive consumers

Chapman v. Skype Inc., — Cal.Rptr.3d —-, No. B241398, 2013 WL 5502960 (Ct. App. Oct. 4, 2013) Chapman alleged that Skype falsely advertised its voice over IP calling plans as “Unlimited” when they actually limited the number of minutes per … Continue reading

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mere lack of substantiation isn’t actionable by consumers

Nilon v. Natural-Immunogenics Corp., No. 3:12cv00930, 2013 WL 5462288 (S.D. Cal. Sept. 30, 2013) Defendant NI sells a colloidal silver dietary supplement, “basically positively charged silver particles suspended in purified water,” that claims to provide immune support.  Nilon bought it … Continue reading

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another evaporated cane juice plaintiff gets to proceed

Werdebaugh v. Blue Diamond Growers, No. 12–CV–02724, 2013 WL 5487236 (N.D. Cal. Oct. 2, 2013) The usual California claims, this time directed at Blue Diamond’s almond milk products and snack foods, which allegedly falsely claimed to be “All Natural” despite … Continue reading

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