The Georgetown IP Teaching Resources Database

The Georgetown IP Teaching Resources Database contains images, sound clips, video clips, and related material for use in teaching copyright, trademark, right of publicity, and other IP courses. Contents include works that were subjects of litigation, such as clips from the songs involved in Campbell v. Acuff-Rose, as well as materials that provide useful hypotheticals for class discussion. If you teach an IP class and want access to the database, please contact me.



fall 2013 midterm

trademark spring 2013 exam

trademark fall 2011 exam/trademark fall 2011 answers

trademark fall 2010 exam modified/trademark fall 2010 feedback memo

trademark fall 2008 exam

trademark spring 2008 exam

trademark spring 2007 exam

trademark spring 2006 exam/trademark spring 2006 feedback

trademark spring 2005 exam/trademark spring 2005 sample exam

trademark fall 2003 exam/trademark Fall 2003 example answer


copyright exam fall 2012/fall 2012 feedback

copyright exam spring 2011/spring 2011 feedback memo

copyright exam fall 2009/fall 2009 feedback memo

copyright spring 2008 exam/spring 2008 feedback

copyright spring 2007 exam/spring 2007 feedback

copyright fall 2003 exam/copyright fall 2003 exam model

copyright spring 2003 exam

Advertising Law

Spring 2016 advertising exam

spring 2016 advertising Midterm memodocx

spring 2016 advertising Midterm question

fall 2015 advertising exam

fall 2015 advertising midterm memo

fall 2015 advertising MIDTERM

fall 2015 advertising law exam memo

Fall 2014 advertising exam

Fall 2014 advertising exammemo

fall 2014 Midterm advertising law memo

fall 2014 Midterm question advertising law


fall 2013 advertising law exam

Midterm fall 2013

2011 advertising law exam

2010 advertising law exam


2013 property exam/2013 answer memo

2012 property exam/2012 answer memo

2010 property exam/2010 exam answer memo

2009 property exam/2009 exam answer memo


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