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A rant on the Copyright Office’s Orphan Works proposal

And it’s not even from me!  As a dedicated ranter, however, I must recognize greatness in ranting when it appears.  Kyle Courtney, my hat’s off to you.

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Copyrighting appropriation art?

The Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia has an interesting discussion on the copyrightability of segregation signs.    Q: Does anyone own copyrights to Jim Crow Era segregation signage, such as the famous “Whites Only” or “Colored Entrance” signs?   … Continue reading

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The photocopier and the arc of history

Smithsonian Magazine on the politics and culture of easy personal copying (version one).

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"I’m not a regular Republican, I’m a cool Republican"

House GOP attempts to explain its immigration policy in .gif form.  There’s probably an interesting gender analysis to be done here about the use of reaction .gifs of women making extremely expressive faces but not saying much.  HT Phil Schrag. Bonus … Continue reading

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Transformative work of the day

Six country songs from last year, played over each other.  I’m not a fan of the genre, but this strikes me as very well done as well as funny.

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Reading list: cheap books and scientific progress

Barbara Biasi & Petra Moser, Does Cheap Access Encourage Science? Evidence from the WWII Book Replication Program. Abstract: Policies that reduce the costs of accessing prior knowledge (which is covered by copyrights) are becoming increasingly prominent, even though systematic empirical … Continue reading

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Transformative use of the day, judicial edition

Judge uses cartoon in opinion to explain rebuke of lawyer.  Reporting on opinion includes separate reproduction of cartoon.  Two levels of transformation?  (Side note: the judge feels the need to explain the joke, which may say something about judicial humor … Continue reading

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IP norms and a bit on IRBs

Via Jason Schultz in Jotwell, I learned of a great new paper by Julia Bauer et al. on community norms about copying and anticopying enforcement in the Threadless (crowdsourced T-shirt) community.  There are many interesting results, including the evidence they … Continue reading

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Transformative work of the day publishes an entire issue of Reason magazine that’s not available in Reason’s online archives “for reasons that will become obvious”–it’s an entire special issue devoted to WWII “revisionism” and Holocaust denial.  Talk to me about fair use factor three! … Continue reading

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Is DRM the source of Hachette’s troubles?

So argues Cory Doctorow.  He makes a point that also came up at the 1201 exemption hearings: the copyright owner does not clearly have the right to authorize a user to strip DRM from a work, where the copyright owner … Continue reading

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