About Rebecca Tushnet

This is my homepage for my writings and courses.  For my blog, check out Rebecca Tushnet’s 43(b)log.

I have had the extraordinary privilege of clerking for Chief Judge Edward R. Becker of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia and Associate Justice David H. Souter of the United States Supreme Court.  I spent two years as an associate at  Debevoise & Plimpton in Washington, DC, specializing in intellectual property. After two years at the NYU School of Law, I moved to Georgetown, and subsequently to Harvard, where I teach intellectual property, advertising law, and First Amendment law.

My work currently focuses on the relationship between the First Amendment and false advertising law. I have advised and represented several fan fiction websites in disputes with copyright and trademark owners. I am a member of the legal team of the Organization for Transformative Works, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting and promoting fanworks. I am also an expert on the law of engagement rings.

In high school and college, I was an active policy debater and I still attend the yearly Harvard Debate Tournament to work at the ballot desk.  I have taught high school students at debate camps at the University of Michigan, Dartmouth College, and American University.  I’ve also worked at the Center for Reproductive Law & Policy, and the labor law firm of Bredhoff & Kaiser, LLP, during the summers.

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