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Sony data breach case stripped down but not gone

In re Sony Gaming Networks And Customer Data Security Breach Litigation, No. 11md2258, 2014 WL 223677 (S.D. Cal. Jan. 21, 2014) Venkat Balasubramani’s take.  These consolidated cases arose from a criminal intrusion into Sony’s online gaming system. Plaintiffs alleged that … Continue reading

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Digital Copyright book: discount offer from publisher

Description from the publisher: NEW 4TH EDITION Digital Copyright Law and Practice By Simon Stokes   The first edition of this book in 2002 was the first UK text to examine digital copyright together with related areas such as performers’ rights, … Continue reading

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Harvard Law Review Symposium on Freedom of the Press

Copied from Balkinization.Harvard Law Review Symposium 2014: Freedom of the PressA conference in celebration of the 50th anniversary ofNew York Times Co. v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964).February 15, 2014Harvard Law SchoolAustin North8:45 Breakfast9:20 Introduction:Mark TushnetHarvard Law School“Reflections on the … Continue reading

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News for storage jars: the real scandal in Virginia is the supplement

So Slate says, citing the FDA’s warning that the supplement the McDonnells helped tout is being unlawfully marketed.

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9th Circuit makes trademark fair use even more confusing

Aaargh. A great case for Bill McGeveran’s claim that trademark defenses have grown so rococo that they can be detrimental to legitimate uses. Experience Hendrix L.L.C. v. Ltd, Nos. 11-35858 (9th Cir. Jan. 29, 2014) Defendant Pitsicalis, who licensed … Continue reading

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Strict liability for misleading advertising in Europe

Interesting post from Lewis Silkin about the UK’s ASA versus the EU Court of Justice: the former allowed an advertiser to rely on a third party’s representations (I think that’s a bit of a simplification–the third party was the complainant … Continue reading

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Nontransformative, commercial use of earnings call was fair

Swatch Group Management Services Ltd. v. Bloomberg L.P., No. 12-2412 (2d Cir. Jan. 27, 2014) Swatch sued over Bloomberg’s 2011 posting of the recording of a conference call at which Swatch executives discussed the company’s recently released earnings report with … Continue reading

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