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Can you patent the Barbra Streisand effect?

Lawyer sues EFF over its stupid patent of the month award.

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"original" and "first" are mere puffery

Bern Unlimited, Inc. v. Burton Corp., No. 11-12278, 2014 WL 2649006 (D. Mass. June 12, 2014) Bern sued six of its competitors in the market for sports helmets, alleging trade dress infringement.  Answering Bern’s third amended complaint, defendants asserted false … Continue reading

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Violence and African-American patenting

Lisa D. Cook, Violence and Economic Activity: Evidence from African American Patents, 1870 to 1940.  How do inventors respond to evidence that the government isn’t interested in helping them?  Abstract: Recent studies have examined the effect of political conflict and … Continue reading

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House brands in Australia

The IP Whiteboard has an interesting series of posts on house brands imitating national brand trade dress in Australia, including pictures.  I also didn’t know about JP Morgan’s “Bitcoin-like” patent application.

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