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fake reviews actionable; unflattering comparison not

Homeland Housewares, LLC v. Euro-Pro Operating LLC, 2015 WL 476287, No. CV 14–03954 (C.D. Cal. Feb. 5, 2015)   The parties compete in the market for home blenders.  Homeland makes the Bullet line, and Euro-Pro makes the Nutri Ninja Pro.  … Continue reading

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Needs more facts: insufficient allegations of dissemination doom Lanham Act claim

SB Diversified Prods., Inc. v. Murchison, No. 12cv2328, 2014 WL 3894353 (S.D. Cal. July 28, 2014) Previous opinion discussed here.  SB sued Murchison for false advertising and unfair competition, claiming that Murchison, a competitor in the squirrel trap market, made … Continue reading

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infringement isn’t disparagement for advertising injury purposes

Hartford Casualty Ins. Co. v. Swift Distribution, Inc., No. S207172, 2014 WL 2609753 (Cal. June 12, 2014) The California Supreme Court here provides a relatively rare state court interpretation of the scope of an advertising-related insurance policy.  Hartford insured Swift … Continue reading

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Delay notifying insurer until after $13.5 million verdict probably harmless

National Union Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburgh, Pa. v. Mead Johnson…, — F.3d —-, 2013 WL 5788652 (7th Cir. 2013) An advertising injury case from Posner, with a bonus picture from the underlying dispute … and it’s not even my … Continue reading

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