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mortgages and the UCL: an occasional series

Pestana v. Bank of America, 2014 WL 2616840, No. A137566 (Cal. Ct. App. June 12, 2014) Pestana sued his mortgage loan servicers (BoA) after BoA denied his application for a loan modification under the federal Home Affordable Mortgage Program (HAMP), … Continue reading


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A little more than kin: prominent house mark overcomes weak evidence of confusion

KIND LLC v. Clif Bar & Co., 2014 WL 2619817, No. 14 Civ. 770 (S.D.N.Y. June 12, 2014) KIND sought a preliminary injunction against Clif Bar’s new trade dress for its MOJO bars; the court denied the motion.  KIND defines … Continue reading

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POM Won: a summary of the ruling

POM Wonderful LLC v. Coca-Cola Co., No. 12–761, 573 U.S. — (June 12, 2014) POM sued Coca-Cola for falsely advertising a “pomegranate blueberry” juice blend with 0.3% pomegranate juice and 0.2% blueberry juice. The Ninth Circuit found this claim precluded … Continue reading

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The Pom Wonderful ruling has arrived

It is here.  Pom wins reversal. More to come.

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selling to multiple hospitals isn’t "advertising or promotion" when total market is large

Synthes, Inc. v. Emerge Medical, Inc., 2014 WL 2579286, — F. Supp. 2d — (E.D. Pa. June 5, 2014) This is a big case involving trade secrets/former employees who started a competing medical device firm. I’m just going to cover … Continue reading

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animal rights organizations have standing to challenge bull run

Animal Legal Defense Fund v. Great Bull Run, LLC, 2014 WL 2568685, No. 14–cv–01171 (N.D. Cal. June 6, 2014) ALDF and PETA sued defendants under California’s UCL to enjoin them from operating a bull run. The court denied the motion … Continue reading

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Success has many copies: HathiTrust

Authors Guild, Inc. v. HathiTrust, No. 12‐4547 (2d Cir. June 10, 2014) Several research universities allowed Google to scan their collections; then they created a repository for the digital copies, the HathiTrust Digital Library (HDL), which currently has 80 member … Continue reading

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No nominative fair use or dilution dismissals if plaintiff pleads the elements?

Valley Forge Military Academy Found. v. Valley Forge Old Guard, Inc., No. 09–2373, 2014 WL 2476115 (E.D. Pa. Jun. 2, 2014) Nominative fair use doesn’t have to work this badly, guys! Valley Forge Military Academy Foundation operates the Valley Forge … Continue reading

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islands in the stream: Netflix v. Verizon

Netflix responds to Verizon’s C&D. For those not keeping track, it started when Netflix started sending error message to certain Verizon customers experiencing playback difficulties, telling them that the Verizon network was slow. Verizon responded angrily, threatening suit and demanding … Continue reading

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Tough sledding: statements to industry-focused publication can be commercial speech

Skedco, Inc. v. ARC Products, LLC, 2014 WL 2465577, No. 3:13–CV–00696 (D. Or. Jun. 2, 2014) The parties compete in the market for emergency medical rescue equipment, and are suing over false advertising. Plaintiff’s Sked is “an evacuation sled system … Continue reading

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