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lack of substantiation versus falsity

In re Bayer Phillips Colon Health Probiotic Sales Practices Litig., No. 11–3017, 2014 WL 5776153 (D.N.J. Nov. 6, 2014) This is another case where Bayer argued that the plaintiff’s claims were merely based on “lack of substantiation” for Bayer’s scientific … Continue reading


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Guest post: Peter DiCola’s notes from Notre Dame roundtable on The Eureka Myth

Jessica Silbey’s _The Eureka Myth_ Book Roundtable at Notre Dame November 7th, 2014 Notes from Peter DiCola *Panel #1* 1) David Schwartz — Praise for the book — Will raise a few methodological issues — Issue of representativeness of the … Continue reading

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The Eureka Myth: Reputation

Fourth Session: Reputation and Policy Take-Aways Abraham Drassinower: what does thinking about misalignment tell us how to think about IP?  Move from debunking eureka myth to debunking the myth of progress.  Misalignment of IP with its own justifications, needs of … Continue reading

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Eureka Myth roundtable: Communities and Creativity

Third Session: Communities and Creativity Rebecca Tushnet: Silbey’s choice of subjects are those who are the targets of IP law: inventors, artists, various types of intermediary facilitators like lawyers.  They are very important.  (Unsurprisingly, they are not utility monsters, such … Continue reading

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Roundtable on Jessica Silbey’s The Eureka Myth

Roundtable on Jessica Silbey’s The Eureka Myth: Creators, Innovators, and Everyday Intellectual Property University of Notre Dame Law School [I was very sorry that I arrived late due to a missed connection the previous night] Second Session: Distribution Models and … Continue reading

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stricter California rule on Made in USA claims not preempted

Paz v. AG Adriano Goldschmeid, Inc., No. 14cv1372, 2014 WL 5561024 (S.D. Cal. Oct. 27, 2014) Paz sued AG, alleging that its “The Protégé” brand jeans were misleadingly marked with a “Made in the U.S.A.” label; he allegedly relied on … Continue reading

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Deadmau5 vs. Disney

I talk to American Public Media’s Stan Alcorn.

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Photoshopping competitor’s product as one’s own could be false advertising

Meggitt (Orange County), Inc. v. Nie, 2014 WL 5528546, No. SACV 13–0239 (C.D. Cal. Nov. 3, 2014) Note: the caption lists the defendant as Nie Yongzhong, and I’m following the rule that Chinese family names go first since he appears … Continue reading

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unauthorized photo use doesn’t create false advertising claim for photo owners

Avalos v. IAC/Interactive Corp., No. 13-CV-8351 (S.D.N.Y. Oct. 30, 2014) Meltech, a web design and modeling company, sued defendants for allegedly unauthorized use of photos of models in fake online dating profiles on dating sites (e.g.,,, and  … Continue reading

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Reading list: irrationally sticky defaults

Robert Letzler, Ryan Sandler, Ania Jaroszewicz, Isaac Knowles, and Luke M. Olson, Knowing When to Quit: Default Choices, Demographics and Fraud, Oct. 8, 2014 Abstract: A long literature in psychology and economics has shown that default options influence consumer choices, … Continue reading

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