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Apple loses 230 defense to app privacy claims but still wins dismissal

Opperman v. Path, Inc., 2014 WL 1973378,  No. 13-cv-00453 (N.D. Cal. May 14, 2014) This big class action against Apple and fourteen app developers has a lot of issues; I’ll try to focus on the consumer protection parts.  Plaintiffs alleged … Continue reading

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Competitor that operates review website not protected by 230

Moving & Storage, Inc. v. Panayotov, No. 12–12262, 2014 WL 949830 (D. Mass. Mar. 12, 2014) Here’s one of the §230 situations that fascinates me.  Defendants operate a moving company review website, … and their own moving company.  The … Continue reading

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Form v. content in DMCA notices

Still working on a long post on Garcia v. Google because ugh, but here I go on a side note: David Post has a post up, Why Google shouldn’t be the copyright court of last resort, which argues that Google … Continue reading

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How Many Wrongs Make a Copyright?

This has tangential relevance to the Innocence of Muslims case (of which more soon).  I’ve written more directly about that case at the district court level, but this forthcoming publication deals with the idea of providing more protection to victims of … Continue reading

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