Reading list: copyrightability of plastination

Via Larry Solum.  I haven’t read this but I’ve been fascinated by plastination for years, and finally my interests unite.  Kirill Ershov, A Macabre Fixation: Is Plastination Copyrightable?:

Abstract: Dr. Gunther von Hagens invented plastination as a process to preserve anatomical specimens. Plastination replaces water and fats in anatomical tissues with plastic polymers, allowing for indefinite preservation, ease of handling, and storage of the plastinated “objects.” …. Von Hagens claimed that his cadavers are unique in their manner of dissection and positioning and are entitled to copyright protection as original expressions of ideas fixed in tangible media …. This paper examines whether there is original expression in the type of plastinated exhibits presented by von Hagens, exploring in detail whether there is protected expression in the manner of dissection and the positioning of plastinated bodies.

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