New fair use app from New Media Rights

From New Media Rights:

New Media Rights spends quite a bit of time working directly
with filmmakers and online video creators on fair use related issues. And while
there are many amazing resources out there for filmmakers and online video
creators, we wanted to create something a bit different to help these creators
learn more about fair use.

Enter The
Fair Use App
. We filtered down our experiences working with filmmakers and
video creators to create an app that can help them better understand:

1.         When they
can reuse content.

2.         How their
choices affect a fair use argument.

3.         When it’s
time to talk to a lawyer about fair use.

While our web app isn’t quite as awesome as a tiny fair use
wizard that will give creators  all the
answers; it’s helpful tool to help them make better decisions about how to
reuse content.

You can check out our fair use app here! As this is version
1.0 of our app we’re especially looking for feedback on how we can make the app
even more helpful.

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