At the USPTO Trademark Expo

Well, here I am at the National Trademark Expo

Here is a giant registration symbol character costume

Musical pairing, which seems really really functional to be at a TM expo, but emphasizes its patents, copyrights, and word marks

Metrorail Map and Logo usage guidelines

USAF: An Emblem of Power & Protection

Did you know that sounds can be trademarks?

DC Rollergirls, for Dave Fagundes

Velcro: There is only one.  I asked the rep, “One what?” and she said “it’s the original hook and loop fastener.”

Velcro mascot with kids throwing balls at its chest

The power of the Navy brand

How to report a Coke bottle lookalike (it’s right side up on my computer, sorry)

NOT AUTHORIZED versions of bottles Coke finds unacceptable

More on the DC Rollergirls, for Dave Fagundes

Did you know that color can be a trademark?

Benefits of federal registration

Here I am. Considering making this my new profile picture.

Swag: UPS plane, Idaho stuffed potato (get it?), Velcro branded Velcro, sunscreen from the Global IP Protection Council (protect yourself)!

I heart IP and IP in heart tattoos–I got a few extra if anyone must have them
Modern Velcro usage guidelines

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