Reading list: race and GIs

Reading list:

Mathilde Cohen, The Whiteness of French Food: Law, Race, and Eating Culture in France
(forthcoming in French Politics, Culture, and Society, 2021)

English Abstract:

is fundamental to French identity. So too is the denial of structural racism
and racial identity. Both tenets are central to the nation’s self-definition,
making them difficult, yet all the more important to think about together. This
article purports to identify a form of French food Whiteness (blanchité
alimentaire), that is, the use of food and eating practices to reify and reinforce
Whiteness as the dominant racial identity. To do so, it develops four case
studies of how law elevates a fiction of homogeneous French/White food as
superior and normative at the expense of alternative ways of eating and their
eaters—the law of geographical indications, school lunches, citizenship, and
cultural heritage.

Really interesting perspective on GIs; if you believe that they
were born in sin (racism/colonialism), do you think that they can be redeemed?

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