Reading list: The Powerpoint Channel

M. Lopucki, The Powerpoint Channel

the intro: This article seeks to contribute to the development of the
PowerPoint channel by describing a theory and style for PowerPoint teaching of
law. By “style” I mean a particular combination of techniques for slide design
and content. I developed the style principally by experimentation in using
PowerPoint to teach secured transactions and business associ-ations over a
period of about twenty years. By “theory,” I mean a system of ideas as to how
PowerPoint can improve learning.

I really
enjoyed this article about maximizing the effectiveness of Powerpoint in law
teaching; extra bonus points for the sentence “Because the offending lights are
usually high on an inaccessible ceiling and on the same switch as essential
lights, I recommend that teachers bring a pellet gun whenever they must teach
in a new room.”

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