Two teaching events: teaching first-generation students and developing professionalism in students

Please circulate widely! Anyone with an interest in teaching is invited to this free Harvard Law School webinar in which expert teachers share their insights.

Teaching First-Generation Students 

March 10, Noon EST– register here.

First-generation students face unique challenges. Anthony
Abraham Jack’s The Privileged Poor recently highlighted many of the
invisible-to-professors barriers such students, especially first-generation
students of color, face in college. What about when those students go to law
school? Three professors will share invaluable insights and recommendations to
make “the invisible curriculum” both explicit and navigable to all students.

Panelists: Angie Littwin, Etienne Toussaint, and Rory Van Loo

Developing Professionalism in Students

March 21, Noon EST — register here.

What is professionalism for a lawyer? How can we as teachers
help students develop professional identities in ways that honor their
diversity and commitments? Norms of professionalism can be exclusionary, even
when our students adapt consciously and strategically to them. But the ideal of
serving clients with specialized legal knowledge has value and meaning. Our
panelists will discuss their strategies for working with developing lawyers to
find professional identities that honor both themselves and the legal

Panelists: Kendra Albert (Harvard), Jack Lerner (UCI), Kimberly Thomas (Michigan)

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