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Don’t mess with Texas whiskey?

Interesting article about a bourbon whiskey plastered with Texan signifiers, but apparently bottled (rather than distilled) in Texas.  The article makes several interesting advertising law-related claims: (1) sophisticated readers who examined the label in detail would be able to divine … Continue reading

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Personalized sales pitches as "advertising"

Larocca v. Creig Northrop Team, P.C., 94 A.3d 197, No. 0766 (Md. Ct. Spec. App. June 25, 2014) Plaintiffs alleged violations of Maryland’s Secondary Mortgage Loan Law, which governs certain types of mortgage-related false advertising.  The court had to interpret … Continue reading

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John Oliver on native advertising

John Oliver covers topics relevant to advertising law again in this piece on native advertising and the fact that it only works by tricking people.

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Reading list: food law

Regent University’s law review had a symposium on food law.  Here are the resulting articles, essentially all about advertising/disclosures: Foreword: Food Law and Its Place at the Legal Academy Michael T. Roberts Defining Natural Foods: The Search for a Natural … Continue reading

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Deceptive whiskey?

The Whiskey Reviewer announces a series evaluating the marketing claims of various whiskeys. What I found quite striking was that the claims of interest were very much centered around “authenticity,” both in production and in narrative: Potemkinism: Does the company run … Continue reading

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UK ASA finds ad for journalistic Free Speech Network misleading

Tragedy or farce?  I’ll take “couldn’t happen in the US” for $500, Alex.

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You have to laugh or you’ll cry: supplement regulation

John Oliver has yet another fantastic, and accurate, advertising law-related story, this time focusing on the deliberate unregulation of dietary supplements.

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