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John Oliver covers Pom Wonderful and other false advertising issues

And unsurprisingly, it’s a fantastic summary!  Starts around 15:27.

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eCigarette advertising: past is prologue

Smithsonian National Museum of American History Dr. Robert Jackler, “Freedom to Vape”: Unregulated Exuberance in Electronic Cigarette Advertising (Dr. Jackler is talking to FDA and to Congress about the same issues on his trip to the East Coast) Note: I’m … Continue reading

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A bit more on Pom

I wonder whether this was the first Supreme Court brief featuring a color picture?  Also, I should probably add a tag for Pom, same as I have for Google.  Feels a bit like giving in, though. Anyway: Transcript of oral … Continue reading

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ordinary consumer goods jump on the lawsuit waiver bandwagon

We all knew it was only a matter of time.  Apparently not sure that merely buying a product with a lawsuit waiver on the wrapper would work, GM now seeks to bind consumers who visit its website or “like” its … Continue reading

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The ASA on insufficiently close comparisons

The ASA found’s ad misleading for claiming “FURNITURE DIRECT FROM THE MAKERS By the time the average sofa hits the high street it’s been marked up by 500%. Agents, importers and wholesalers all add a little extra along the … Continue reading

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Organic v. natural

Via an eagle-eyed student, a great video on misleading “natural” claims.  Note that the organization promotes organic products—is it subject to Lanham Act claims by a producer of “natural” foods?

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ASA approves Microsoft’s ad accusing Gmail of creepy spying

Microsoft Corporation, No. A13-251580: Microsoft ran an ad beginning, “Ymay ivatepray e-mailway isway onway ofway eirthay usinessbay.” It continued: “Pig Latin may be hard to understand, but you probably need it if you use Gmail, because Gmail scans every word of your … Continue reading

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Misleading health plan names

NYT on how health plan names confuse and deceive consumers.

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Hockey fans sue over fake beer sizes because they’re false and deceptive

There, I fixed the headline of the original story.  If a small costs $4 and a large costs $7, there ought to be a difference in amount delivered.  Also, anyone who uses the McDonald’s hot coffee case to “prove” that … Continue reading

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Texas anti-SLAPP law doesn’t protect lawyer’s ads

NCDR, L.L.C. v. Mauze & Bagby, P.L.L.C., 2014 WL 941049, — F.3d —- (5th Cir. Mar. 11, 2014) M&B, a Texas law firm, solicited former dental patients from plaintiff Kool Smiles’ dental clinics as potential clients.  Allegedly, “M&B ran television, … Continue reading

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