Pictures from Canada

Canada, like many other countries, considers “taking unfair advantage” of a trademark to be a distinct problem, making it less favorable to parody and other uses than the U.S. as a matter of formal law.  What difference does that make in practice?  From what I’ve seen, it means that grocery stores/pharmacies don’t carry house brands that tell you they’re comparable to national brands.  However, it doesn’t seem to affect the T-shirt offerings of tourist traps.  (Side note: there was also more overt misogyny on offer than I would have expected.  Really, Canada?)

Not quite Rolls Royce

One of many John Deere alternatives–Canada also uses “fuck” more liberally at standard tourist stores

MasterCard and Red Bull, sexualized

Red Moose/Red Bull and Star Wars

John Moose instead of John Deere; Star Wars again; and what do we think of the Montreal logo v. Adidas?  This one was everywhere

Mountain Dude

This one is more consumer/contract law: “no contract” is also a thing in Canada; I wonder what the law is about that

Right of publicity claim for the Michael Jackson estate?

Snoop Dogg or just a dog?

Lady PurrPurr?

Queen size?

A little tramp?

Too close to Superman?

An entire province devoted to Pokemon

Pizza Pot, Zig-Zag, Addicted, Kick Ass, Fuma

National Pornographic, another John Fucking Deere, sex-based “I’m Lovin’ It” and some of the aforementioned misogyny

Lord of the Rinks

Straight Outta Quebec

Starbear logo?

iTunes trade dress

Canada, Coke style

Angry Moose

Angry Beaver

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