Jaszi festschrift–abbreviated panel 4

Pam Samuelson
Praised Jaszi’s
leadership in fighting White Paper, Digital Future Coalition; the DMCA could
have been much worse. Reached out to people who think about copyright ownership
who aren’t lawyers.
Panel 4 – Pedagogy
Joseph Liu and Alfred
Yen, In Praise of a Classic
Copyright textbook,
now in 10th edition.  Reflections
on the textbook based on creation of own textbook.  Jaszi’s textbook: narrative thread strong,
but over 1000 pages.  That could make it
difficult for students to swallow, or, if you assigned only chunks, lost
narrative thread.  Their own book: 750
pages—can go through whole thing; fewer case notes.
Jack Lerner
DMCA exemption:
making the case with the facts with extensive factfinding for filmmakers.  Lots of different jobs for students in
developing facts, discussing with experts, preparing testimony. 

[sick child; had to

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