Traveling pictures: trademark/publicity rights questions, bonus torts

Yellowstone proper had very little in the way of obvious TM issues, interestingly enough.  Other things I have encountered:

For the torts folks; note especially the guy in the background blithely walking away from the dissolving child

“Nothing in life is absolute except vodka”–a drinking tour of Yellowstone

John Wayne endorsement?

Yes, Pink Cadillacs is a registered trademark for candy; a separate registration for pastry also exists, owned by someone else

Wondering about these Kits candies

Parody soda candy

parody candy cigarettes

paging the Marlboro man?

Bogarts restaurant: right of publicity problem?

This vase is patterned in little plastic closers, which are subject to various patent & TM claims

Amazing Spider-Moose

Fast & Furious

Star Wars parodies, also Bat-Moose below

I didn’t get a picture of the moose covered in rainbow dreadlocks a la Bob Marley.

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