Student writing competition on tech law

Georgetown Law’s Institute for Technology Law & Policy and The Georgetown Law Technology Review are pleased to announce a new student writing competition to encourage original writing in the field of tech law and policy.

2018-2019 TOPIC

Entrants are invited to submit papers addressing a legal or public policy question relating to artificial intelligence, machine learning, the use of data analytics and/or algorithmic decision-making. Example topics include: questions of data ownership, questions relating to transparency or testability, questions relating to intellectual property, privacy, consumer protection, competition, issues of bias and discrimination, or product liability; or subject-matter- specific legal issues arising from various applications of a technology. Preference will be given to papers that are relevant to current legal and public policy debates or present an original perspective.


Up to three winners will be selected, with a First Prize of $4,000, a Second Prize of $2,000, and a Third Prize of $1,000.
Winning papers may be selected for publication in The Georgetown Law Technology Review.


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