Event tomorrow on Public Interest Copyright Advocacy and Fair Use Education 1995-2015

Event 1:00pm-5:30pm; Reception 5:30-7:00pm

Room 603 – American University Washington College of Law,
4801 Massachusetts Ave NW

This event celebrates significant anniversaries of two
initiatives that were launched at AUWCL – the 20th anniversary of the founding
of the Digital Future Coalition, the first broad-based civil society coalition
that formed to address copyright policy issues; and the 10th anniversary of the
best practices in fair use, through which a series of creative communities have
transformed their approach to this vital copyright doctrine.  These two
initiatives represent very different models of engagement in the process of
developing balanced copyright laws that provide for significant levels of
access to information.  In our final panel, we will look forward to the
future of the public interest advocacy in copyright – to both the research
agenda that will shape the debate and to the vehicles for public engagement
that are currently in use, and may emerge in years to come.


Introduction – Prof. Peter Jaszi – American
University Washington College of Law
The Digital Future Coalition
Jonathan Band – policybandwidth
Prue Adler – Association of Research Libraries
Ed Black – Computer and Communications Industry Association
Prof. Brandon Butler – American University Washington College of Law
Seth D. Greenstein – Constantine Cannon
Best Practices in Fair Use
Prof. Patricia Aufderheide – American University School of Communications
Prof. Michael Madison – University of Pittsburgh School of Law
Kyra Darnton – RetroReport
Heather Briston – University of California Los Angeles Library
Rachelle Browne – Smithsonian Institution
Directions Forward
Prof. Rebecca Tushnet – Georgetown University Law Center
Sherwin Siy – Public Knowledge
Joshua Lamel – Re:Create

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