Journal of Patent & Trademark Office Society’s Mid-Atlantic student writing competition

As the
oldest publishing intellectual property law journal in America, the Journal of
Patent & Trademark Office Society (JPTOS) provides a forum dedicated to the
discussion of legal and technical subjects related to patent, trademark, and
copyright laws.  JPTOS boasts a broad and diverse readership that includes
practicing attorneys, judges, and law professors.   By instituting a
writing competition, the Journal seeks to encourage innovative student
scholarship on current topics in intellectual property law, increase student
involvement and build stronger ties with Mid-Atlantic law schools.


All currently
enrolled JD and LLM students are welcome to submit a paper on any topical issue
regarding U.S. or international intellectual property law.  To be
considered, students may submit their papers to the Editor-in-Chief throughout
the year, but no later than March 15, 2016.  The Editor-in-Chief will
review all submissions and select a group of finalists for publication. 
The Board of Governors will then choose a winner from the finalists based on a
variety of factors, including timeliness of the subject matter, thoroughness of
research and analysis, and clarity of writing style. The winner will receive
$1000 cash prize and an invitation to give a talk about their paper to the
Society at a later date.


Additionally, students and faculty are invited to the
Journal’s Open House on September 18, 2015, 10:00-11:30 AM, in the USPTO
Madison Auditorium, 600
Dulany Street Alexandria, VA 22314
where a panel will provide a detailed
introduction to JPTOS and discuss interesting developments in the field. 
For more information about the competition and the Open House, please visit

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